keravive Hair Treatment in Bangalore, Whitefield

keravive Hair Treatment in Whitefield

Keravive is a hair treatment that is made of all-natural ingredients. It does not contain any formaldehyde, parabens or other harmful chemicals.

The Keravive Hair treatment is a keratin-based treatment that repairs and strengthens the hair strands. It also reduces frizz and makes the hair shinier and softer to touch. Keravive has been clinically proven to work on damaged, frizzy or curly hair.

How Does Keravive Treatment Help?

The treatment helps to reinvigorate your scalp and remove impurities to help address scalp and hair concerns such as damaged, dry or thinning hair, clogged hair follicles and dry scalp.

The vortex technology and the Keravive peptide complex solution cleanse, exfoliate, stimulate, and deliver a proprietary blend of skin proteins and growth factors to hydrate, nourish, and stimulate the scalp. 

Additionally, it helps individuals suffering from hair loss or thinning due to environmental, hormonal or physiological factors such as stress or who are preparing for a hair transplant or undergoing hair loss treatments. 

It is a relaxing 3-step treatment designed to cleanse, stimulate, and nourish your scalp and hair follicles for fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair.

We (DermaGlo) are happy to say we provided our keravive treatment for more than 70+ people this financial month and everyone left us with good ratings and responses.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Keravive hair treatment in Bangalore, We are near to you located in Whitefield with the best vouchers and offers.

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